It’s Me, Kara!

Me, on the right, with my sister, Emma, while we were traveling in New Zealand a couple years back

Hello! My name is Kara and I’m from Chicago, Illinois (for those hardcore city dwellers who will get mad at me saying I’m from Chicago, I am actually from a suburb about 30 minutes north of the city). I am a junior at Colorado College (CC), a small liberal arts school in Colorado Springs that prides itself on the “block” system — taking one class at a time for 3 and a half weeks. It’s nuts, I know. I’m majoring in sociology and minoring in environmental issues at CC. No, I have no idea what I want to do with that when I graduate, which is exactly why I am studying abroad through DIS! I’m super excited about my core class, Prostitution and the Sex Trade in Europe. Where better to study the sex trade than in Europe, where my class will be traveling to Amsterdam for a week?

I am a social justice guru and love everything to do with helping others. I am an avid advocate for the environment and living a “sustainable” lifestyle as best I can, and attempt to force my family to follow suit (sorry guys). They’re really troopers putting up with all my crazy ideas! I also love cooking, yoga, running, being outside (at least 3 hours of sunshine a day, please!), and reading. I know, what a nerd. Catch me at the Danish Library this semester, I’ve heard it’s beautiful!

I’ll try to keep this blog updated as frequently as I can with all my travels in Denmark and surrounding Europe. There’s a nifty little button you can click at the bottom of the blog, “subscribe”, and all my new posts will be delivered straight to your inbox if you so wish. How fancy! Or you can just check back here every so often for a new post 🙂