A Day in the life… finding home in Copenhagen

My last post, I discussed several different ways one can manage their feelings of homesickness, whether that be for their home city & family, or their home university and university friends, or both! This Wednesday, I set out to do just that — find comfort in a city so far from what my usual ideas of “home” are.

On Wednesdays, we can have field studies with our classes, but this Wednesday I did not have any field studies, so I had the whole day free! My day of healing and comfort actually began on Tuesday night, when I went to Bastard Café with a few close friends of mine here. Bastard Café is an amazing cozy cafe that is filled with every kind of board game you could ever think of. Between the space filled with friends playing games, the comfy couches, and coffee, it screams hygge! After playing Monopoly for a few hours and just enjoying the presence of my friends, we all headed home to get to bed early.

Just one of the many walls of games at Bastard

On Wednesday, I slept in late, which felt amazing. Waking up and not having any real responsibilities to do is unlike any other feeling — entirely stress-free. I decided to go to the pharmacy to get a flu shot — after biking there, the pharmacist told me I cannot get a flu shot until November 1. Despite the fact that I couldn’t get a flu shot, I was happy because I biked to a part of town I had never been to. I love exploring new parts of the city by myself because I can really just take everything in, and don’t feel bad about having to stop anyone at random statues, to check a cafe menu, or to get a picture because I’m all alone! It is also very rejuvenating for me, as an introvert, to get time to myself outside of my apartment room.

So, after my failed flu shot but a lovely bike ride, I went back to my apartment, changed into my workout clothes, and went on a run. I ran through the Rosenborg Castle Gardens, Østre Anlæg park, and then looped back around through the Kastellet, a fortress turned park close to my house.

It was the perfect fall running weather, and running through the parks, with all the trees changing colors, reminded me of fall back in Chicago and running through the forest preserves back home. It was beautiful and really cheered me up for the rest of the day. I even sat by the canal for about 10 minutes after my run, in silence, just enjoying being with my thoughts in a beautiful location in such nice weather.


After I showered and ate lunch, I met my friend, Alicia, in the city so we could visit the Botanical Gardens. If you know me, I LOVE plants and have a fascination with all kinds of nature. This was probably the most beautiful botanical gardens I’ve ever been in, and as a bonus, there was a butterfly garden!

After the gardens, we walked to a gluten-free bakery that I’ve been meaning to go. Although the bakery was small, it had so many gluten-free and vegan baked goods. Alicia bought a small treat which we shared, then I bought a loaf of bread and some raspberry jam. We then headed to NiceCream, a vegan ice cream shop in Nørrebro, that Alicia had never been to. The walk to Nicecream was beautiful, and it was a part of the city that neither Alicia nor I spent much time in. After we got ice cream, we took the bus to Superkilen, a very popular urban park in Nørrebro. After walking around the park a bit, Alicia headed back to her homestay, and I rode my bike home to make dinner and finish some homework.

Back at my apartment, I ran into my friends that live on my floor, and we chatted and goofed around while all making dinner, then sat down to eat together. I love living in a residential community, where I’m surrounded by other DIS students also experiencing the highs and lows of study abroad at the same time as me. I’ve grown so close to the other students in my hall and it’s so nice to come home every day and be comfortable with the people you live with.

After eating and doing my homework, I headed back out with a few other girls in my hall to go see AMMA, a spiritual guru who gives healing hugs. My friend’s grandmother is an avid follower of AMMA and suggested we go to this event in Denmark, so we decided to try it out to experience something unique! Although we did not get our hug (we would have had to stay until 5 in the morning!), it was still very cool to experience something like that — there was so much positive energy in the building, with a live band singing Indian songs, fresh Indian food to eat, and AMMA up on stage giving people long, healing hugs that we could watch. It was quite an interesting experience, and one I will definitely never forget!

That was the end of my very-long, exciting, and healing day of exploration around Copenhagen! Now, back to my homework…


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